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I work through Arc as a co-founder, where we guide organisations through their digital transformation. Helping them understand what they need to do to transform their people for the digital age.

This blog is my own little notebook where I share insights, thoughts and resources with others working on the people side of change.

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About Sandie

I am a Business Transformation expert and a Business Psychologist who works with organisations to get their employees to accept the change that comes with digital transformation programmes.

I work with companies who are introducing new digital technology and I help with the hard part which is the people change. I help organisations develop change programmes that tell a story to create buy-in and I show organisations how to communicate those changes in a human way. In doing so I make sure the change delivers the maximum benefits possible.

I love what I do and I love talking to other like minded people so please do join my mailing list or get in touch to start a conversation.

How I Work

The way I approach change starts with the right foundations. The change must have backing and sponsorship, a robust but agile plan, and the right people involved.

Successful digital transformation also needs an appreciation of the culture and the forces at play. When you understand how malleable the culture is, then you can design a change approach that fits within that culture and tone of voice of each employee group.

The change vision needs to trigger the right emotional responses and that requires branding, storytelling and internal communication. Without hearts and minds, change is inefficient. Creating a brand, a narrative and collateral focused on the audience, helps make the change stick.

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